Friday, February 15, 2019

Cyst in Penile Prepuce?

Sometimes, I get male children referred to me for cyst in prepuce. Some doctors also would have already advised antibiotics, by that time.
On examination of the male children around 3-5 years, a fixed small swelling of about 3-4 millimeter with hard consistency, situated mostly towards the corona of glans penis would be noticed. Mostly, the mucosa of prepuce would be found adherent to the glans penis; the prepuce would not be reduced easily.
This occurs mostly after mild inflammation of the prepuce, so that the inner layer of prepuce becomes adherent to the glans penis. The smegma cannot come out and solidify to from concretion. This smegma concretion feels like a small hard mass, when palpated over the prepuce.
In these cases, we apply a little surface anesthetic and gentle pull the foreskin down and clean the smega, apply some local antibiotic ointment and advice parents to gentle clean it regularly.
So, these are not the cysts.


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