Monday, May 3, 2010

Pain from Back to Lower Abdomen due to Stone in Ureter

Localisation of pain caused by kidney stonesImage via Wikipedia
The complaint is that he got a sprain in the back, which gradually aggravated spreading to the lower abdomen of his right side and worsens further, forcing him to take rest. He had three to four bouts of vomiting. There is no fever, loose motion; and no problem in urination. He concluded it to be due to a sprain following hard work in a hot day.
The essence is that the person is having a pain which is originating in the back, or loin and spreading or radiating to the lower abdomen, or groin. Simply “Pain radiating from loin to groin” is very characteristic of stone in the ureter of that side. Plain x-ray and ultrasonogram are sufficient to diagnose it. So, these two investigations confirmed the clinical diagnosis. There is a radio-opaque stone in right ureter and another in the kidney. There is also dilatation of ureter of that side above the block, called hydro-ureter.
Further investigations may be needed to see the functional status of kidneys and plan the treatment.

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