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Tackle Obesity by Modified Eating Habits

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Obesity or overweight can be assessed by what is called Body Mass Index (BMI), dividing body weight in kilograms by body surface area in squared meters. If below 25 Kgms/squared meters, it is normal, more than 30 kgms/squared meters is designated as obese and above 40 kgms/squared meters its termed as morbid obese. Some other methods of assessment, such as waist circumference, hip to waist ratio and skin fold thickness are also employed to assess the status of excessive weight gain and relative risk for development of associated diseases.
Now, over eating may be due to some genetic factors, researchers say. But, skipping breakfast encourages over eating and interval eating, which in turn, are responsible for putting more calorie to body. First fifteen minutes of eating is important in the sense that hurried eating during these period results in excessive intake of food and more calories. Brain takes at least fifteen minutes from starting of eating, to know that glucose is available for utilization, after which, it signals satiety for food, so hunger decreases along with it the rapid intake of food. So, slow eating during first fifteen minutes lessens calorie intake by way of taking less amount of food, yet giving time to brain to know the availability of glucose. Excess calorie gets deposited in the in the body in form of fat. The distribution of fat varies from abdomen, liver, thighs to muscles. Abdominal fat cells are mostly responsible for development of diabetes due to consumption of more insulin for their metabolism. More fibers in diet make bulk of food and restrict excessive food intake, limit absorption of bad fat, increase colon transit time, adsorb toxins, encourage growth of good bacteria; thereby decrease the risk of obesity. Researchers, now say that tongue has taste bud for fat and that is responsible for eating fatty foods. Avoiding refined sugars or what is called as sugars with high glycemic index should be avoided.
Exercises alone may not reduce weight to a desired level. A good dietary planning is also essential. Carbohydrate and bad fats are to be cut down maintaining the protein level at 1 gram per Kilogram of body weight. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats available from oils like olive oil, sunflower oil, soya oil and some other similar oils are good in clearing bad fat. Omega 3 fatty acid mainly found in the fish oil is also helpful.  Some household practices, like drinking lemonade water in the morning may help in slimming. It is said that green tea helps in lowering cholesterol and help slimming.

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