Sunday, May 30, 2010

What are the Complications of Round Worm Infestation?

Round worm, hook worm, tape worm, thread worm and whip-worms are some of the common helminthes affecting human. These are transmitted through feco-oral route in the areas of poor sanitation. Common manifestations of the diseases caused by these groups of parasites include: pain abdomen, anemia, vomiting and poor health. Apart from these, some unusual complications from round worm infestation can also be seen.
Round worm (Ascaria); may lodge itself in :
  • The common bile duct and gall bladder, Obstruction to the common bile duct is likely to obstruct the free flow of bile resulting in obstructive jaundice and inflammation of bile channel called cholangitis.
  • Pancreatic duct; may result in pancreatitis,
  • Liver, to cause liver abscess,
  • Small intestine, where it is likely to cause; 

    1. Anaemia,
    2. Pain abdomen and vomiting
    3. Intestinal obstruction; adult round worms living or dead after administration of drugs or as such may cause obstruction of the alimentary tract which may arouse an emergency situation.
    4. Appendicitis etc.

Ascaria larva during the course of its development passes through the respiratory tract to come over to the alimentary tract once again, while passing may cause night hawking cough and sometimes lungs infection by secondary bacterial invasion.
It can be a cause of tropical eosinophilia and affect the respiratory function.
These may become irritated by anesthetics administered for a surgery and come up, to be aspirated to the respiratory tract, while the patient has not fully recovered from the sedative effect of the drugs; may cause fatal collapse of lungs.

 (EGG of Ascaria)

Helminthiasis, an infestation by these worms or helminthes is to be treated carefully and seriously. The main preventives are; washing hands thoroughly with good soap, taking care while eating raw eaten fruits and vegetables, and safe drinking water.

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