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Implications of Ovulation Time in Women

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Menstrual cycle is seen in women resulting from the act of ovulation. Ovulation is a physiological process and a biological need. Failure of fertilization of ovum results in menstrual bleeding from hormonal activity. Ovulation occurs approximately 14 days before the expected date of menstrual bleeding. In a 28 days normal menstrual cycle, ovulation can be expected on 14th day from the date of bleeding. If the cycle is irregular it is not 14th day, rather 14 days before the expected date of beginning of cycle. On this day there is slight rise in body temperature i.e. about 1 to 2 degree Fahrenheit; and slight mucous discharge per vagina may be noticed.
There are a few implications of this date;
  • Sexual act on this date or around this date is likely to result in conception.
  • Abstinence for about three days in either side of this day is a natural way of contraception, tough may not be full proof; sometimes termed as “Safe period”.
  • This day is chosen for In-vitro fertilization (IVF) to fetch ovum and artificial insemination.
  • Tissue for biopsy from inner layer uterus, the endometrium is taken for  diagnostic purpose through a process called D&C in case of  of infertility, looking at this date.
  • A recent news published in The BBC News says, women indulge shopping of attractive dresses to look sexier than their rivals in the locality, on the day of ovulation.
Calculating and remembering this day is a good practice.
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