Saturday, October 16, 2010

Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

A sphygmomanometer, a device used for measurin...Image via WikipediaHome blood pressure monitoring is gradually becoming popular in India in recent times. This was practiced sine long in other developed countries burdened with hypertension. Now India is a growing nation of hypertensives and diabetics.
People in India are less well versed in home blood pressure monitoring. Home monitoring is a great idea, at least for newly diagnosed ones. Sometimes in India people get lured by the advertises to purchase blood pressure monitoring devices without going details about their accuracy.

Many electronic semiautomatic devices are there which measure blood pressure at wrist, finger tip or upper arm. The upper arm blood pressure measuring devices are by far the most accurate among those. But, the age old mercury sphygmomanometer is the gold standard for measuring blood pressure.
However, the values of home monitoring should be re-checked by the physician to take further action. Blood pressure for home measurement should generally remain below 135/85 millimeter of Mercury to be called as normal, level below 120/80 millimeter of mercury and above 90/60 millimeter of mercury is ideal; but finally the opinion of treating physician has to be obtained in this regard.
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