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Inability to Lift the Arm Up from Pain in Shoulder Joint

The human shoulder jointImage of Shoulder Joint
There is restriction in range of movement in shoulder joint; difficulty in trying to lift the limb up, so also reaching the back of waist; and inability to lift articles up; perhaps everything started after an injury to the shoulder joint.
These can be the symptoms of what is termed as Frozen shoulder, periarthritis of the joint, painful arch syndrome, capsulitis of the rotor cuff or a supraspinatous bursitis.
Frozen shoulder, usually a loose term for a host of diseases with the symptoms described. However, in vast majority of cases the exact cause of the disease is not known.
Trauma to the joint, immobilization of the joint and diabetes are some of the predisposing factors for the development of the disease. The disease progresses over 2 to 9 months to reach the zenith. It also takes some months to years to resolve fully.
Usually a chain of event happens in this condition. For example, there is trauma to the joint~restriction of movement due to pain~Immobility~pain on movement~further restriction of movement~IMMOBILITY. Finally in severe cases there may be no movement after sometime.
Confirmation of the disease and a treatable cause can be found out with some investigations and imaging techniques. Those can be digital X-rays of the joint, blood sugar level, tests for rheumatoid disease and magnetic resonance imaging.
Main stray of treatment of Frozen shoulder in addition to a treatable condition is to break the cycle of pain~restriction of movement. These can be achieved by prescription of simple analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs; local injection of steroid and physiotherapy.
By far, physiotherapy is the most important one, which is to be practiced under guidance of a physiotherapist and later on practised in home. Again, it takes long time for the joint to be regain its range of mobility. Most of the cases respond to these treatment modality. Sometimes a surgery may be required.
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