Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weight Reduction Surgery and Negligence

There are a few number of surgeries to reduce overweight or obesity problem called bariatric surgeries. One of my readers was interested to know on Banding of stomach, a technique to deal with obesity.
Personally, I prefer non-surgical measures to tackle obesity. First of all the cause is to be ascertained, for example somebody may be gaining weight due to sedentary lifestyle and/or over eating, That case has to be dealt with differently from one gaining weight from hypothyroidism. May be somebody having some genetic abnormality as a cause of obesity.
Finally, if it a surgery is being contemplated an experienced surgeon has to be consulted. Now-a-days, many bariatric surgeries are being performed laparoscopically with good results. Personally, I like capacity shortening surgery like sleeve gastrectomy, not banding.

Any surgery may have certain complications or adverse effects. Some get smoothly performed with uneventful recovery. No surgeon likes that his/her patient should land up in problem, that may bring bad name. But identifying an inadvertent or unforeseen complications is of paramount importance. That to when patient complains of certain problem acquired after a surgery, it is the duty of the operating surgeon and the hospital to take it seriously.
But, at times doctors fail to respond and that is perhaps a serious mistake.
If my esteemed reader is reading this blog, should note that the details of the patient is not known to me who want to get the surgery done. Perhaps she should try for non-surgical measures first.
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