Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Low Intensity Shock Wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction in Men

You Are Erectile DysfunctionImage by Jeremy Brooks via FlickrNearly 80% of erectile dysfunction cases in men is of vascular origin. The conventional phosphodiestarase-5 inhibitor may be helpful on demand basis. But, it has been seen by the researchers that low intensity shock wave therapy may be helpful in many male patients with erectile dysfunction on long term basis.
Low intensity shock wave therapy is being increasingly employed in patients of ischaemic heart disease, unsuitable for surgery; to induce new blood vessel formation with success. Here in erectile dysfunction the same logic is being employed.
The intensity of shock wave is one tenth of the intensity that is employed for breaking the kidney stones. The shock wave is given on the shaft of penis and other parts of the musculature of penis.
It may be helpful in long term basis in many cases of erectile dysfunction, the researchers conclude.
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