Saturday, April 23, 2011

Excessive Axillary Sweating can be controlled by Microwave Therapy

A man perspires through his shirt after an int... Excessive axillary sweating can be a cause personal embarrassment and can even affect self esteem. Person becomes excessive odorous, clothing stained; can be predisposed for fungal and bacterial infection.
At present, absorbent power, drugs to curtail excessive sympathetic activity and Botox injection that temporarily paralyze the nerve endings responsible for stimulating the sweat glands are available. But, no one is permanent solution for the problem.
Recently, some centres are trying microwave heating of the axillary area to make the sweat glands die. Under local anesthesia the skin is treated with microwave from a device, and may require two or three sessions to completely treat one axilla. As the glands are situated in the skin no adverse affect is seen, the sweat glands die; patients are symptom free even at the end of a year.
Since the treatment is new one and commercial use is not available, more data may be required for wide spread recommendation. It has to be seen whether the glands again regenerate after some years or there is permanent ablation.
Let us be aware of the technology at present.

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