Saturday, April 9, 2011

Very Lean Women may suffer from Menstrual Disorder

Size ZeroImage by Lua Ahmed via FlickrVery lean women perusing for “0” size figure or even less than that lose a lot of fat in the process. They may eventually land up in cessation of menstruation. The same may be true for women runners, dancers or those with eating disorder.
This is a form of centrally dictated amenorrhoea, that may cause infertility and osteoporosis. This condition accounts for over 30 percent of all cases of amenorrhoea in women of reproductive age.
It known that organisms respond to famine [lack of food availability] by directing their energy into survival and away from reproduction.
Researchers found that. the low level of fat may cause leptin deficiency that may result in hypothalamus being inactive or less active in producing the hormone releasing factors those in tern stimulate ovary to produce female hormones. The supplementation of leptin restored menstruation in an experimental group.
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