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How to Maintain Windows XP Free

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Maintenance of windows XP is an essential part for its flawless use. There are so many advertisements in the media on cleaning, speeding up and defragmenting the PC; and so many advertisements about anti-virus, firewalls and registry cleaners etc.
All are with an intention to lure the new and old users to buy their product. But, most of PC maintenance work has been provided in the window itself; and we know very little about it.
There are very good free applications available to maintain and clean PC to function nicely. Let me clear that I am not a computer expert; but I want to narrate a few things from my own experience, the way I maintain my PC almost free of cumulative cost.  
  • Cleaning of unnecessary files/thumbnails those automatically get downloaded while working on Internet is one of the important tasks. Cleaning windows XP makes it work faster. This function is given in the Window itself that some users only know about it. To use Windows default Tool; GO TO; Start and Click…All Programs…Accessories…System tools….Disk Clean up…       Select the drive, important is “C” or the drive where windows has been installed....Click OK….A window will appear….. Check the files to be cleaned…. Click on more option and the lower most option cleans all the restore points except the latest one that Windows creates automatically or created by the user, if one at all wants to clean select and click OK….Then confirm. Now window will clean itself of the unnecessary files and extra restore points.

           Simply download CCleaner from provided by Piriform , configure and follow the
           displayed instructions. CCleaner does clean restore points but does clean Registry. And you are
  • Disk Defragmentation is required to speed up PC after use for some time, as the downloaded files and installations of programs remain fragmented in the hard disk. To do this there is also a system defragmenter. As above one has to go to system tools and choose disk defragmenter. Use it to defragment the drives. Many free defragmenters are available; one works nice is Auslogic Disk defragmenter. Download, install and use it free
  • Corrction of Errors in Windows; this is also provided in the Windows itself. GO TO My computer….Right click on “C” drive….. Click on properties …..Click on tools and choose check for errors……Check the boxes for check the errors and second box to automatically correct those; that will require restart of the PC. Do that and the Windows XP will correct itself of the errors.
  • Windows Registry cleaning is also required to speed the PC up as traces and paths are left behind after installations and uninstallations of programs/applications that make the registry fattier that makes it lazy. Editing registry is a difficult task for common users like me. Free registry cleaners and defragmenters like Eusing Free Registry Cleaner/Defragmenter are available for free use. One can have those.
  •  Optimization of Internet connection is also an important aspect to be looked into, what the commercial application advertise the most. One can use TZ Connection Booster available for free use.
  •  Anti-Virus for Windows is also essential. There are so many free antivirus programs available. But the free ones lack some or other features of a paid ones. But, still one can use Microsoft Security Essentials provided free by Microsoft which gives complete protection. If one do not like it, perhaps the Spyware Terminator, which comes with free integration of ClamAV is one of the good programs. Apart from this Avasti and Avira etc. are also good.
  •  Firewall from COMODO is very good alternative to that provided in the Windows. If one likes may change to it.
I think with these, one can maintain and run Windows XP very smoothly.  

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