Monday, October 17, 2011

Exercise Before and During Early Pregnancy May Help Mothers

Exercise has numerous health benefits; but seen skeptically when comes to mothers or would be mothers. Many mothers develop pre-eclampsia and eclampsia during pregnancy; the former is characterized by;

It has dangerous consequences on both the mother and the baby. Eclampsia ushers with convulsions in mothers with pre-eclampsia.

Research using animal model suggests that exercise before and during early stages of pregnancy may protect a mother from pre-eclampsia.
According to the lead researcher Jeffrey Gilbert of the University of Oregon's Department of Human Physiology; "Exercise Training Before and During Pregnancy Improves Endothelial Function and Stimulates Cytoprotective and Antioxidant Pathways in the Pregnant Rat."
According to the findings; exercise stimulates production of two proteins in pregnant rats which are essential for maintaining the health of blood vessels. Those are;
HSPs and HSP 90 in particular is thought to play a vital role in maintaining the health of blood vessels of the heart. HSP, VEGF and nitric oxide maintain the health of the inner most lining of the blood vessels called the endothelium; dilates blood vessels to ease the free flow of blood, which lowers the blood pressure. It also may have a role in protecting against cellular damage in the placenta.
Let us not be afraid of exercise training before and during the early months of pregnancy.
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