Saturday, January 7, 2012

Radiation Dose in form of Paste for Skin Cancers Other than Melanoma

Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy; all are available for skin cancers. Except for melanoma, Italian scientists have developed a paste to deliver dose of radiation to skin cancers especially in difficult areas of body like face.
Some critical areas in face, if treated by surgery, which is gold standard for removable skin cancers like basal cell cancer may result in scar formation.
Italian scientists have developed a paste of rhenium-188, a radioactive isotope to cure the skin cancers especially in face, where surgery can give rise to ugly scar.
They have tested it in 700 patients in Italy with 95% success rate. In this method a paste of rhenium-188 is applied to the diseased area of skin for two hours and then removed. 85% responded after first sitting, whereas 95% responded after three sittings.
It has been seen that the cancer area shrinks after its application and the skin of healthy area grows to cover the diseased area without any scar formation.
German technology firm ITM has developed the therapy and now being tried in Germany and Australia.
It is a painless and scar less treatment option for some skin cancers. 

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