Thursday, February 16, 2012

Comparison between the Calculation of Percentage of Burn in Adult and Children

Generally, for convenience of calculation of amount of fluid that is to be administered in a burn patient, doctors take the help of the “Rule of nine of Wallace”. This is applicable to adults, where the body is mapped into total eleven territories, each given 9% and one percent to perineum. The below is the figure.
Adult burn  
But, in case of children the calculation is different, largely because the of disproportion of surface area of different parts of body, for example the head surface area is larger than the chest and thigh. The mapping in pediatric age group is as under.
Paediatrics Burn
The amount of crystalloid that is to be administered in a patient of burn in first 24 hours, beginning from the time of burn; not from the time of arrival in the hospital is; 2-3 milliliter per Kilogram of body weight per percentage of burn. This again can be adjusted keeping in view of the amount of urination.
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