Sunday, March 4, 2012

Laser Treatment for Vocal Cord Nodule that causes Hoarseness of Voice

Vocal cord nodule is one of the common cause of hoarseness of voice; mostly seen in professional engaged in teaching and singing, sometimes referred to as "Singer's Node";  who use excess of their voice.

Symptoms include hoarseness of voice, painful speech production, frequent vocal breaks, and reduced vocal range.

It goes away mostly after a period of voice rest, but may not also; requiring intervention. The vocal cords, located in the voice box, the larynx in the middle of the neck, are two tough, fibrous bands that vibrate to produce sound.
Vocal Cord Nodule, Both sides

They are covered with a layer of  tissue similar to skin. With use, this layer thickens. With heavy use, the thickening may localise, producing a nodule that is a smooth, soft benign lump; often seen in both the sides.

The light beam from Carbon Dioxide Laser is extremely accurate and vaporises nodules without damage to surrounding tissue. This is useful on vocal cords, where scarring is unwarranted.

It is usually performed under general anaesthesia though the procedure takes approximately ten minutes. Recovery time is about 48 hours.
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