Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rice Variety in India “Swarna” having Low Glycemic Index is Good for Diabetics

Popularly rice is either withdrawn or restricted in a diabetic diet in India. But all the varieties of rice are not bad. It depends on the glycemic index of a particular rice.
Glycemic index (GI) is a comparison of a particular food having carbohydrate content with glucose as regards their ability to raise the blood glucose level after consumption of a gram of that. In other words food that can raise the glucose level immediately after consumption are high in glycemic index. Glucose is taken as 100.

Now, it ahs been seen that “Swarna'” a variety of rice extensively cultivated in India has a low GI; and varieties like Doongara and Basmati from Australia have a medium GI.
Low GI diets can reduce the likelihood of developing Type 2 diabetes, and are also useful for helping diabetics to better manage their condition.
People with diabetes, fund of eating rice in many parts of India can safely choose one from these varieties of rice. It is also good for those people trying to control diabetes through diet and exercise.
Low GI foods are those measured 55 and less, medium GI are those measured between 56 and 69, while high GI measures 70 and above.
Foods with low GI are slow in digestion and absorption, causing a gradual and sustained release of sugar into the blood, which has been proven beneficial to health; including reducing the chances of developing diabetes.
Published in the ScienceDaily
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