Friday, September 21, 2012

Can Marijuana be Used to Cure Cancer?

Some time back, I had read an article, wherein it was described how a young man was getting treated himself with marijuana for a incurable brain tumor; losing hope from medicines available at present.

I thought that when there is no other option, it is better to try and test some thing; and at least that will help the patient to remain pain free till the ultimate. Of course, I do not have further information; what happen to the person.

Now, I read an article in the smartplanet “Is marijuana a potential cure for cancer?” and suddenly remembered the previous article. Now, I believe it may have some potential to cure even some aggressive forms of cancer.

If one goes surfing Internet about medicinal properties of cannabis, there will be thousands of articles. The use of cannabis may date back to Before Christ, and the medicinal use was known in many countries across the world.

The cannabis plant contains compounds that could stop and even reverse the growth of various aggressive forms of cancer.

Since the late 80’s, researchers have investigated the possibility that marijuana may possess anti-tumor properties.

A biologist from Madrid noticed that exposing brain cancer cells to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical that gives the sensation of "Moving in Heaven”; might have forced those to die.

Later on studies conducted in Harvard University confirmed that injections of THC and other compounds known as “cannabinoids” lead to positive outcomes; slowing and killing the cancer cells, while leaving the healthy cells un harmed.

Now, scientists from California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco took the research further to show that the compounds halted the spread of cancer cells by disabling ID-1, a gene responsible for rapid metastasis that is common in aggressive types of cancer such as lung and brain cancer.

After a series of lab tests using a non-psychoactive chemical extract called Cannabidiol to treat malignant human breast cells in mice, the researchers hope to develop a pill that can demonstrate efficacy in human clinical trials.

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