Friday, February 15, 2013

Sugar Dressing to Treat Non-Healing Wounds

Yes, I have seen in my childhood; we were being advised to put commonly available sugar in household to stop bleeding from fresh wounds and to heal chronic ulcers. That was forgotten since long, only to be reminded  to-day by an article published in the Mailonline UK

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English: Abrasion caused by sliding fall on concrete (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The article says that treating wounds with sugar granules was a folk remedy prevalent in Africa. The study was headed by Moses Murandu, a senior lecturer in adult nursing at Wolverhampton University.
Honey dressing was also prevalent in some parts of world and a number of researches have been on such type of dressing concluding that that is helpful in wound healing.
Honey and sugar dressing can be combined together to get very good result. Sugar is evenly put in the ulcer bed till it gets filled and absorbable cotton pad and bandage was used.
The mechanism explained is that sugar draws water from wound on the principle of osmosis that leaves the ulcer bed dehydrated. Dehydration makes the environment unfavourable for the survival and growth of bacteria. It also softens the dead tissue in the wound that can be removed easily. Thereby, the ulcer heals.
Though, there are several costly wound healing materials are available, still sometimes some ulcers refuse to heal and become the headache for the doctor.
Mr Murandu is now halfway through his randomised control trial at three West Midlands hospitals - Moseley Hall, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Manor Hospital in Walsall. So far 35 patients have successfully received the treatment, with no adverse effects reported.
Though, this type of treatment of ulcer takes longer time to heal, can be inexpensive and be used in resistant cases.

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