Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How to Know Injury to Tendons

Injury to tendons, the pulley like structures responsible for movements at different joints, get injured often following accidents. They originate from the muscles and get attached to bones beyond joints for this functions. Small tendon injuries are sometimes overlooked during an accident. The tendons may get totally severed in the wounds or partially cut. If there is no movement of a particular part, fingers or limbs beyond a joint following traumatic injury above the joint; there can be injury to a nerve or tendon or both. In nerve injury there is likely to be sensory loss but not always. The victim or relatives should point it out to their attending doctor.
If confirmed, it can be repaired during management of the fresh wound itself. The ends usually may not be found at the place of wound as the muscular end of the tendon is dragged towards the muscle side. A special technique is employed for the repair of the tendons. Rest to the part is given by the way of immobilization of the joint.
If not noticed during the accident, as seen in one of our patients, who reported to us after one month of injury at wrist; that the middle and ring fingers are not moving upwards, i.e. no extension is possible. In these cases finding the cut ends of the tendon becomes difficult as the ends usually dragged from the site and get attached to some neighboring structure. The surgeon has to face the difficulty, nevertheless repair is possible.
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