Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fat Cells May Be The Cause Of Diabetes II

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There are many causes of diabetes especially type II diabetes mellitus. Amongst them obesity is most often pointed out to be a major cause for it. The fat cells called adipose cells, specially those present inside the abdomen, in the fatty apron called omentum are responsible for it. In one hand those consume insulin for their own metabolism and on the other hand can modify the protector genes. A gene identified in animals by researchers called Protein Kinase (PKC) C-Zeta, primarily responsible for down regulation of inflammation may act in a reverse way by promoting inflammation. They do so by producing IL6 (Interleukine6) which floods the liver to cause insulin resistance, where the glucose metabolism takes place.
More research in this field will show how that can be stopped or modified to reduce the incidence of diabetes II.   
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