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Raw Eaten Vegetables may Have Bugs

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In India, many green vegetables are eaten raw; so also in other countries as salad. Those can be cucumber, carrot, cabbages, radish and many more. But, the peculiarity in India is that those are cultivated in such lands, those are sometimes irrigated from drain water, water contaminated with industrial waste, biomedical waste and even sewerage. The vegetables are also marketed in an unhygienic manner; dumped on the ground or in unclean containers. Of course, now-a-days, some retail shops or malls sale the vegetables in a hygienic manner; but mostly in selected towns. Also, many people do not avail that opportunity. The result is contamination of the raw eaten vegetables.

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In the fields, those can be contaminated with variety of bacteria, including E. Coli and many fungi; and helminthes like round worm, hook worm and thread worm etc. If not eaten after through cleaning, those are likely to cause havoc. Of course, we are facing such problems of stomach disorder and gastrointestinal diseases.  It is also uncertain, what is the magnitude of disease brunt we might be getting after eating the sewerage and industrial waste contaminated vegetables.
In India, where safe drinking water is a luxury; without access to millions, what to speak of irrigating lands  and vegetable fields with good water. A little assurance we get from eating those vegetables after cleaning. It is some unseen force, that perhaps protecting us to a larger extent; or else existence would not have been possible.
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