Sunday, July 18, 2010

Relaxation Is A Must

In to-day’s busy and schedule bound lifestyle, people get stressed too much. Stress and strain may lead to host of diseases, including simple irritability to broken homes. MNCs and Govt. of India employees are allowed to avail two off days in a week. In addition to this many corporate houses are allowing flexi-time for work. These to a larger extent, are designed to give relaxation to the employees. In addition to these, corporate and Govt. allow their employees leave travel concessions.
Relaxation, in day to day life can be achieved through Yogic practices and relaxation exercises. Late night awaking, as seen with youngsters now-a-days adds to stress and strain; and deranges the biological clock. This causes much more damage to the system in form of hormonal imbalance; night shifts are linked to cardiac events. A good night’s sleep of 6 to 7 hours is also relaxing and rejuvenating. More than 9 hours of sleep in a day is associated with disease process initialization.
Another form of relaxation is outing, mostly in the week ends, is much favored now-a –days; and adopted by many busy corporate employees. Visit to virgin and serene spots gives pure oxygen to breath and peace to mind; remaining away from the day to day busy schedules.
A monkey, our predecessor relaxing in the

Sangam,Mekedatu & Chunchi Falls

Adopted from Preetish Panda, Facebook.

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