Thursday, August 26, 2010

Upsurge of Swine Flu in Orissa in Post Pandemic Period

When the incidence of swine flu is decreasing worldwide, it showing a growing trend in India, particularly in Orissa and more affected is the capital city Bhubaneswar. There is panic buying of masks and vaccines as usual.
It is not the same scenario as in 2009, when first the disease appeared and spread. Now effective vaccines are available as well as medications. Vaccination, though can be opted by anybody is not advised for all, primarily should cover the risk groups like medical and paramedical personnel; patients having prior heart disease, asthma, pregnant lady and children etc.
It can be prevented to a larger extent by following simple preventive measures;
•    Avoiding visit to crowded places.
•    Confining patients to their place if suspected to be suffering from swine flu and shifting to designated hospitals.
•    Washing hands frequently with soap and water.
•    Using masks to check the spread through droplet infection by using surgical masks.
•    Keeping the pigs away from the human habitation.
The authorities stress on good practices to remain protected from the tentacles of swine flu. We are afraid of the spread of this disease in Bhubaneswar and Orissa because of the fact that sanitation is still a luxury in many parts of the city and the state.

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