Saturday, September 18, 2010

Newer drugs to Control Alzheimer's Disease Targeting Gene Protein

The Face of AlzheimersAlzheimer's disease
Many activities are in offing to combat Alzheimer’s disease. Those include;

•    Physical activities including biking and brisk walking.
•    Engaging in brain stimulating activities like solving puzzle, reading news papers and solving simple mathematics etc.
•    Computer activity.
•    Limiting alcohol etc.
Now, a drug donepezil that is marketed for Alzheimer’s disease is showing good result. People aged 18 to 35 who took the drug did much better when they were asked to track dots moving on a computer screen compared with people who took placebo; reported in a pilot study conducted in University of California, Berkeley..
It has been reported by Reuters that US researchers found; people with certain genetic variation are more prone to develop Alzheimer’s disease. They say that a mutation in a gene that regulates a protein called tau that links to the disease is responsible for the rate of development of dementia.

Drugs that interfere with this this form of tau might be helpful in keeping the disease advancing. It is said that the Anglo-Swedish drug company AstraZeneca had an option to license it. People who carry this genetic marker tend to have higher tau levels at any given stage of the disease than individuals without it.
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