Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Noxious Effect of Smoking on Environment Results in Thirdhand Smoking

smoking hand
Smokers are at the carcinogenic risks of the ingredients in burnt tobacco. Passive or second hand smokers are at equal risk to the bad effects as the first hand smokers.
There is a new concept; third hand smokers; they are, those who come in contact with the adsorbed smoke of tobacco in the household materials. The household materials can be carpets, furniture, house dust; skin and hair of the smoker, and other fabrics. It has been seen that, if somebody constantly smokes in house the burnt tobacco gets adsorbed to the dust and household materials; from where others may get the exposure.

They are also at equal risk, as the first and second hand smokers. It is better to quit smoking than to remain in a false sense of satisfaction that, smoking in absence of children or other near and dears is safe.
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