Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A New Bivalent Oral Polio Vaccine Provides Good Immunity

Child receiving polio vaccine.Image via WikipediaResearchers have found that a new bivalent polio vaccine is better than trivalent vaccine. Trivalent vaccines have been developed in a view to get immunity against all three types of polio viruses.
Practically it was seen that the type 2 antigen interfered with development of immunity against Type 1 and 3 viruses.
In India and neighboring nations it is showing good result and better than trivalent vaccine. Since the level of circulation of type 2 virus is not that much in these nations it is better preposition to attack polio with bivalent vaccine.
The 19 serious adverse events during the research resulting in hospitalization showed no difference in distribution between the vaccine types. Neither the serious events nor the one death from sudden infant death syndrome were attributed to vaccination.
It is already being used on a large scale in India with encouraging results, the researchers noted, pointing to only 32 cases of polio by the time of publication in 2010, compared with 260 in 2009.
The next two years will determine whether the new vaccine can accomplish the final step of complete eradication of polio.
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