Sunday, October 31, 2010

Radiotherapy for Early Breast Cancer in Just Five Days

Conventionally external beam radiotherapy is delivered to breast after the cancer surgery five days in a week for six weeks. That delivers total dose of 60 gray or 6000 Rads of radiotherapy; though the dose may vary casewise. Most of the times, the adjacent normal tissues of breast, chest wall and even lungs inadvertently gets exposed to the radiation.
Several newer methods of radiation like 3D conformal radiotherapy (3DCRT) or image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) are coming up; still there is risk of adjacent tissue getting the exposured, may be to a lesser extent. Now, a newer type of radiation devised by the UC Davis Cancer Center, 4501 X Street | Sacramento, CA 95817; claims the same effect from their method of radiation, of course in node negative cases undergoing lumpectomy. That means those are early cancers who are candidates for local issue removal called lumpectomy a breast conservation surgery.

This radiation dose is completed in just five days that has advantages of fewer side effects, less number of visits to hospital and less mental tension of getting radiation.
In this method after surgery and wound healing a small calibered catheter is put into the space from where the cancerous lump has been removed. The catheter tip also has many small calibered catheters those expand to fill up the space in breast tissue.
Thereafter calculated amount of radiation is delivered which passes to the local tumor bed where from most of the recurrences usually come up. Patient has to visit twice daily for the therapy for just five days.
Tough this type of radiation has the precondition of early cancer to be treated, still early cancers form about 50% breast cancers diagnosed now-a-days.
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