Friday, October 8, 2010

Who are Likely to Suffer from Vitamin B12 Deficiency?

Methylmalonylcoa-b12 Vitamin B12 is very much essential for cell growth and health of nervous system. Major site for its absorbed is from the last part of stomach after it combines with intrinsic factor secreted from stomach. Acidity in the stomach also plays a role. Various factors affect its absorption from the gut.
Vitamin B12 deficiency gives rise to pernicious anemia and neurological disorders; important among many other conditions.
Certain people cannot get this vitamin from food when they suffer from;
  • A type of autoimmune gastritis, where acid and intrinsic factor producing cells in stomach are destroyed.
  • Removal of major portion of stomach as in stomach cancer or major portion of intestine.
  • As normal acidic environment is required for its absorption, chronic acid suppressants like PPIs (Proton pump inhibitors) taken for various conditions may cause its deficiency.
  • Gastric bypass surgeries conducted for certain diseases, as in obesity.
  • Worms in intestine may eat up a major portion of vitamin available in food.
  • Overgrowth of certain pathologic bacteria may hamper its availability.
  • Certain chemotherapeutic drugs and metformin an anti-diabetic may cause its deficiency.
  • Those who fully depend on vegetarian diet.
These people may require extra supplementation either through oral parental route.
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