Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Light Walking is better for Osteoarthrosis of Knee

Osteoarthritis of the left knee. Note the oste...Image via Wikipedia, OsteoarthrosisOsteoarthrosis, also called as osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease; and mostly age related. Osteoarthrosis of knee is very common, most of the time associated with swelling in the knee, accumulation of fluid in the joint space and difficulty in walking more marked after getting up from bed. The pain gradually eases out as activity resumes in the morning.
Obesity, heavy sports activity and brisk exercise involving the knee joints cause more wear and tear in the cartilages in the ends of bones involved in joint formation. Thinning cartilages exposes the bones and there occurs pain in the joints.
Exercises without weight bearing on the joints like swimming relax the ligaments and muscles around the joints that ease pain. Now it has been seen that light walking is better for osteoarthritic joints than vigorous walking or sports activities.
Another cause, overweight has to be addressed to offload the knee joints from the added weight.
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