Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sebaceous Cyst

A small sebaceous cyst, located in the front o...Image via WikipediaSebaceous cyst is a blocked sebum or oil gland present in the skin. It usually appears as a rounded swelling in the skin surface, sometimes having a bluish hue, not hard, feels firm giving some sense of fluctuation to the palpating finger. A bluish puckered spot is mostly seen on the dome of the cyst called punctum.
It may gradually grow in size and can be seen in any part of body; but preferentially seen in scalp, behind neck, scrotum and chest wall.
It harbors a bacterium called Domodex Folliculorum; Sometimes untreated sebaceous cyst may get infected with other bacteria causing enlarging cellulitis spreading to the surrounding skin.
An infected sebaceous cyst may burst giving rise to non-healing ulcer. Sebum may come out of it gradually; solidify and enlarge giving rise to appearance of a horn called sebaceous horn. Several cysts may be seen sometimes ulcerating and solidifying confusing with the appearance of a skin cancer.
Incompletely removed cyst wall may give rise to a full sebaceous cyst.
The key to successful treatment is complete removal of the cyst and its contents.
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