Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tomatoes and Health benefits

TomatoImage via WikipediaRecently released Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 moved tomatoes to a newly established category of "orange/red" fruits and vegetables to encourage higher consumption of these healthy foods.
Tomato has the reputation of;
·  Being a good source of dietary lycopene; a powerful antioxidant that, unlike nutrients in most fresh fruits and vegetables, has greater bioavailability after cooking and processing.
· Having antithrombotic and anti-inflammatory functions.
· Lowering risk of;
1. Cardiovascular disease,
2. Osteoporosis,
3. Ultraviolet induced skin damage,
4. Cognitive dysfunction and
5. Certain cancers.
Tomatoes are widely available, people of all ages and cultures like them, they are cost-effective, and are available in many forms.
 Lycopene, the red pigment that colors tomatoes.Image Lycopene That gives Colour to Tomato
The evidence also suggests that consumption of tomatoes should be recommended because of the nutritional benefits and because it may be a simple and effective strategy for increasing overall vegetable intake.
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