Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How Exercise may Prevent Colon Cancer

Endoscopic image of colon cancer identified in...Endoscopic Image of Colon Cancer Physical activity may have a role in preventing colon cancer, by the way of preventing polyp formation; which are thought to transform to cancer later on. Some studies fail to confirm it. But, a recent study states that physical activity has a role across the carcinogenic process.
Several mechanisms have been proposed for such effects;
  • enhanced immune function from increases circulation of immune cells or cells responsible for body defence; clearing of bacterial load in tissue and blood; those may have accessed,
  • decreased inflammation, through inhalation of oxygen rich fresh air of outdoor, where exercise is usually taken up.,
  • reduced insulin levels through use/entry to muscle tissue, where demand increases to produce more energy from glucose metabolism
  • decreased insulin resistance through physical activity, and
  • higher vitamin D levels, which may be acquired from sunny outdoor.
Increased insulin level in blood has also been directly related to colon polyp risk as seen by scientists. This recent meta-analysis provides support for an inverse association between physical activity and colon polyps; and also for the role of physical activity in preventing colon cancer progression.
As a summary the study concludes that physical activity may reduce the risk of colon polyps by 15% and may provide a substantially larger reduction in risk of large and advanced polyps. Risk reductions were similar for men and women.
Physical activity and high fibre in diet may go hand in hand to be cheap mode of preventing the cancer colon and to reap many more advantages.
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