Thursday, April 14, 2011

Exercising Mothers Can Expect Stronger Heart in their Child

I'm pregnant, and I'm beautifulImage by Ed Yourdon via FlickrThere develops profound link between the pregnant mother and her unborn child. The fetus though a separate physical entity, yet depends and influenced by mother.

Now, new research suggests that the bond may be stronger than had been suspected. In an exercising pregnant mother instead of leading a passive life, the fetus joins in the workout of the mother; thus actively participating in the symbiosis.

Babies born to mothers who exercised while pregnant were found to have healthier hearts than other infants a full month after delivery.

Regular exercise leads to a slower heart rate and greater sustainability to stress induced heart-rate variations. Both are accepted as indicator of good heart health. This implies that a person’s heart has grown stronger and more efficient.

It was found that fetuses whose mothers had exercised showed lower heart rates and greater heart-rate variability than those whose mothers had not worked out.

If somebody is pregnant; can bear the thought of an aerobic exercise apart from day to day work and have doctor’s approval, then “it does seem likely that she is going to give her child a head start on heart health”; the researchers concluded.
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