Friday, April 15, 2011

Office Based Workouts

She ClimbsImage by Thomas Hawk via FlickrOften executives mostly from IT related companies try to cash on heavy burden of work to take excuse from being fat and having backache. Weight gain, backache and the host of other problems related to overweight/obesity are the friend of these people. It is actually not that they do not have time, rather lack will.
Practical tips that might help to do this in an office-based workplace included:
  • Standing up to take phone calls.
  • Walking to see a colleague rather than phoning or emailing.
  • Going to a bathroom on a different level.
  • Taking the stairs instead of the lift where possible.
  • Taking a coffee/tea/juice break
  • Standing for some minutes in his/her place.
  • Relaxing/stretching the back and neck for a while.
  • Completing some tasks in standing position./li>
This is because doing something is better than doing nothing. Standing for a while also requires more energy spending than sitting, because muscles have to do this and those will need fuel.
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