Sunday, May 15, 2011

Human Sweat Attracts Mosquitoes

Ochlerotatus notoscriptus, Tasmania, AustraliaImage via WikipediaIt is curious that mosquitoes come to bite the humans; find them nicely, bite them in the leg, preferably. There is no clear cut answer to what attracts the mosquitoes from a distance to humans.

Many researchers are finding some curious facts about it. Mosquitoes get attracted to the odour of sweat.

It is a fact that odour of sweat is differs from person to person; according to sex and also age.

There are a few types of sweat glands; some are found in particular part of body, whereas some types are absent. There are also oil glands called sebaceous glands in the body secreting fatty acids.

Ammonia, carbon dioxide and some break down products of fatty acid combinations in varied amount create characteristic odor peculiar to a person. Also depending on colonization of different types of bacteria on body of different persons emit different odour of sweat.

It has been observed that ammonia and break down products of fatty acid attract the mosquitoes the most. The amount of combination depends on the type of bacteria on body.

That is why, mosquitoes preferably bite some persons, sexes and ages.

It may be possible to trap mosquitoes in houses using chemical odours that mimic sweat of human and at the same time distract mosquitoes from human by altering the odour of sweat; which may probably help to control some of the mosquito borne diseases, malaria and yellow fever in particular.
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