Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Home Peritoneal Dialysis for Chronic KIdney Disease

New evidence of the benefits of home dialysis for kidney patients

                               Researchers at St. Michael's Hospital have found more evidence of the benefits of home dialysis for patients with kidney failure.
Apart from conventional hospital dialysis another form of home dialysis exists, which is known as peritoneal dialysis, in which cleansing fluids are pumped into a patient's abdomen through a pre-inserted catheter tube and waste products are drained several times a day.
 Peritoneal dialysisImage of Peritoneal Dialysis
The catheter is placed through a surgery and is fixed. Peritoneum the cellular lining inside abdomen has a potential space,  acts as an effective filter to transfer toxic matter to the cleansing fluid put to it through osmosis.
Previous research has found that in addition to the convenience, patients on nighttime home dialysis feel better and have more energy when compared with patients who undergo conventional hospital dialysis.
Peritoneal dialysis is also cost-effective and convenient for many.

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