Friday, June 24, 2011

Causes of Gall Stone Disease

The age old saying is that gall stones occur in “Fat, Forty, Fair and Fertile” ladies. Gall stone disease is most commonly seen in women. Common stone in gall bladder is a fat or cholesterol stone. 
Gallstones from gall bladderImage of Gall Stones
Common predisposing causes can be;
  • Infection in the gall bladder, where a bacteria forms the core of the stone; on which layers of different components of stone are laid. It is said that “Every gall stone is a tomb stone erected to the memory of bacteria living or dead within it”.
  • Abnormality in the bile drainage channel called billiary tree may be a cause of stasis in the gall bladder leading to precipitation of the solid components in bile, which generally remain suspended in it.
  • Some blood diseases where there is excessive break down of red blood cells leading to excessive accumulation of bilirubin, a break down product of haemoglobin; which may precipitate later to form bilirubin stones. One can be malaria.
  • Bed ridden patients and patients without oral feeding may develop stone primarily due to stasis of bile.
  • Those who skip breakfast are likely to develop it as bile which would otherwise has been ejected to the intestine following food does not see it; and remains longer period in the gall bladder and hence liable to get precipitated.
  • Having had an organ or bone marrow transplant.
  • Losing weight very quickly by consuming very few calories.
  • Obese persons are likely to get the disease.
Apparently there is not much preventive aspect except;
  • Maintaining good hydration.
  • Adequately being treated for bacterial diseases which preferably infect the billiary tree; one of them is typhoid.
  • Taking balanced diet.
  • Not skipping breakfast.
  • Not being obese. 
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