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Groin Hernia

Commonly hernia is synonymous with groin hernia. But, hernias are of several types. However, commonest type is a groin or inguinal hernia.
Hernia is a protrusion of contents a cavity e.g. abdominal contents to another space or out side. Therefore, the term is widely used in medical science. And, there are several diseases, where a hernia word is tagged.
Hernia can be;
  • Internal; where herniation of contents occurs in a particular space inside body. Intestine can herniate through potential spaces or weaknesses present in the same abdominal cavity; those are not visible to outside.
  • External; where hernias are visible to outside or can be made to be visible with some diagnostic tests.
Hernias can be classified according to the site of occurrence:
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  • Inguinal; Indirect or Direct types. Mostly seen males.
  • Femoral; commonly seen in females.
  • Ventral hernia.
  • Incisional hernia, that is seen in a previous surgery sites, in a weak spot.
  • Sciatic hernia etc.
    GROIN hernia is a protrusion of abdominal contents to out side, commonly to the scrotal sac. It remains under the cover of superficial structures like skin and other soft tissue. It may enlarge to enormous size and may contain various abdominal organs to be called as, “Scrotal Hernia”.
    It commonly forms in a congenital sac, which contains a potential space for herniation of the contents. This sac is an extension of the internal lining of the abdomen called peritoneum.
    Groin swelling, pain, dragging sensation; increase in size of swelling with coughing and straining that increase intra-abdominal pressure; vomiting, severe pain, gangrene or death of tissue of the contents following obstruction to the blood flow; if complications ensue; can be the features of hernia.
    Commonly, these patients in India ignore to get treated. But, if complications do occur, become life threatening; and emergency surgery becomes inevitable choice.
    Groin hernias can be operated through open procedures or through minimal access surgery. Minimal access surgery is a little superior to open, but cost is more and expertise is required for its success.
    But, whatever may be choice of procedure, there is some recurrence. Still, this disease, which gives sufficient time to get treated should not be neglected.
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