Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hard Stool Mass Presenting with Features of Intestinal Obstruction

It is usually seen in old aged patients that hard scabelous fecal matter gets impacted in the rectum and patient comes with features of intestinal obstruction. In this case a female child of about 9 years of age presented with same features.
 Diagram of the rectum and anus.Image via Wikipedia
Features of intestinal obstruction may include;
The child presented with constipation, pain in abdomen and retention of urine; and she was crying all over with pain.
When she was examined clinically there was gaseous distention of abdomen, retention of urine, no fever; but on digital rectal examination a large hard and scabelous fecal mass was felt occluding the rectum.
She was asked to go for defecation and manual removal of hard fecal mass that gave her instant relief. 
That is why the peers in medical science always emphasize on digital rectal examination of a patient, many times which is very conveniently avoided by many clinicians.
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