Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Erectile Dysfunction may Signal Heart Disease

Vascular endothelial nitric oxide (NO) production is largely responsible for vascular relaxation and good blood flow. Good blood flow is essential for erectile function. The dysfunction of vascular endothelium is therefore squarely blamed for erectile dysfunction.

When the penile arteries are involved it may not be unfair to assume an upcoming or existing involvement of arteries to heart in the same process. It has been found that the erectile dysfunction is the tale tell story of an impending or existing heart disease.
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is associated with;
All of which reduce NO production.
· Smoking,
· Excessive alcohol intake,
· Lack of physical activity,
· Abdominal obesity,
· Diabetes,
· Decreased Testosterone hormone level,
· Hypertension, and
· Decreased antioxidant defenses.
Interventions, which increase NO production can improve ED as well as risk of heart disease, can be:
· Better lifestyle choices,
· Physical exercise,
· Improved nutrition and weight control,
· Adequate intake of or supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids, The antiarrhythmic effect of omega-3 fatty acids may ease the greatest risk of sudden death from heart disease;
1. Antioxidants,
2. Calcium, and
3. Folic acid; and
· Replacement of any testosterone deficiency.
Excessive intake of;
· Vitamin E,
· Calcium,
· L-arginine, or l-citrulline; may impart significant cardiovascular risks.
Above interventions also lower blood pressure or prevent hypertension; prevent diabetes or improve the diabetes status. Certain angiotensin II receptor blockers improve erectile function and also reduce risk of cardiovascular events.
In men aged below 60 years the erectile dysfunction may be the warning sign of an impending heart attack or presence of undiagnosed heart disease.
The complexity of erectile dysfunction has to be understood and worked out carefully by the physician to protect his/her patient from preventable death.
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