Monday, February 23, 2015

Effect of Treatment with Hypoglycemic agents (Anti-Diabetics) on Weight of Patient

It is utmost importent on the part of the treating physician to know, which drugs have the side effect on the weight of a patient; this is particularly true for diabetics.
In a study with median of 3 months the researchers observed the following in case of Hypoglycemic agents (Anti-Diabetics).
Classes of hypoglycemic drugs associated with the most weight gaininclude sulfonylureas and glitazones. The most obesogenic istolbutamide at a 2.8-kg gain, followed by pioglitazone at 2.6 kg, glyburide at 2.6 kg, glipizide at 2.2 kg, and glimepiride at 2.1 kg.
The most weight-neutral DPP4 inhibitors are sitagliptin at0.55 kg and nateglinide at 0.3 kg.
Metformin is leptogenic, with an associated reduction in weight of1.1 kg. Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) agonists also may causeweight loss, with liraglutide leading the way at−1.7 kg and exenatide at −1.2 kg.
These have to be kept in view, while prescribing medicines for Type II diabetes.


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