Sunday, March 1, 2015

Window Phone Cannot Connect to BSNL WiFi-Solved at Last

Yes, something gone wrong, may be after repair and formatting of my PC that has dual operating system; Windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.10; Windows was getting connected to the Internet, whereas Ubuntu was not.
I entered into the Modem Router (VMC AN1020-21) through, probably something got changed, Ubuntu got the Internet access, but Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia 520 could not connect to the WiFi.
Hence, so much of research, permutation and combination in the WiFi Configuration, nothing happened for several days. At last, the success;
When some setting changes inadvertently in the Wireless configuration of the modem router, Windows Phone shows error, “Phone can not connect to the WiFi network.”

1. First of all, login to the modem router typing in Internet Browser where, the service provider is BSNL.
The following screen will appear.

Screen 1

2. Add user name as admin and password as admin and click ok.


3. Now, click on configuration—then Wireless in the Left Panel, this will be the screen.

Screen 3

4. Here, one has to enable Wireless, give a name to the SSID and put a Pass Phrase for authentication later, in the Phone. Security setting may be set to WPA. Everything is to be confirmed, like below.

Screen 4

5. But my problem was after this, MAC Address Filter. That has to be disabled. I disabled, but after rebooting the modem, to remember the changes, which is available in the Left panel of the Screen under “Admin” that did not happen.

Screen 5

So, after many surfing, the manual of Router says to apply it i.e. disable option. As you notice, there is a apply button, but, I thought that without writing anything in the space provided, what I should apply! I only disabled and did not apply based of my above logic, only to find later on that that has changed to “white list”. Again, I thought that might also be correct.
So, the problem persisted till I clicked on “Apply”, after so many days of experiment. To my surprise, it saved the disable option, even after rebooting the modem.
At last, all my Windows Phone, Android Phone and the Tablet got connected with the SSID and Pass Phrase that are configured.

6. The below is the option of reboot found from the drop down menu of “Admin.”

Screen 6

I thought to share it because so many guys have posted in Web, “Window Phone Cannot Connect to BSNL WiFi”


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