Saturday, November 20, 2010

How to Cut/Trim Your Nails

Toothpick segment placed underneath and across...Image via WikipediaEverybody will be surprised if asked how to cut/trim nails. Perhaps many will rush to demonstrate it.  I think a few know how to cut/trim the nails in a correct way.

It is often seen that patients come to the surgeon with infection in the corner and side of the nail; pain, swelling of the side of toe or finger nail bed; and oozing.  The corner and side of nail are seen buried inside the skin.
The nails in these cases are usually cut in a semicircular fashion and that helps the corner and sides of nail to get buried inside; and acquire infection.
The correct way to cut the nail is to cut it straight a little away from the edge of nail bed so that the corner of nail does not go inside. 
The treatment for this condition is either partial or full removal of nail; and the matrix under local anesthesia. The shape of the nail looks a little bad after healing of the wound.
So it is better to prevent it than to go for surgery and settle for a little ugly looking nail.
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