Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Take Care of Your Skin

Hot/Cold; we love warm water bathing, particularly in Winter; but too hot can damage skin by direct effect and dilating the blood vessels to get rid of heat. Too cold is also not good for skin, that too has to be guarded, particularly in Winter outdoor.

Sun screen; it should be used in recommended intervals in sunny outdoor movements and should be blocking ultra-violet rays of all wave lengths. In simple terms the sun protection factor (SPF) should be of broader range.
Sleep; adequate sleep is an essential part of skin health. Sleep deprivation increases the stress hormone level, which are detrimental to skin elasticity and may cause pigmentation.
Water; good amount of water is required for maintaining the moisture level of skin, keeping it hydrated. Recommended is that much of water that gives urine output of at least 1.5 to 2 liters/day.
Alcohol and smoking; while smoking is altogether bad, excessive alcohol drinking also equally bad for the health of skin.
Pollution; environmental pollution is responsible for accumulation of invisible and visible particles and may cause a host of skin diseases.
Sugary foods; excess of sugar may harm skin by harming the collagens responsible for maintaining the elasticity.
Less fat; too much restriction on intake of fat may decrease the fat content of skin making it pale and wrinkled.
Make ups; good quality make up is essential and again should be removed in a recommended manner, so that it does not harm the facial skin.
Cleansing; good cleansing lotion should be used. Hash chemicals may harm by wiping out all oil resulting in a very dry skin.
Eye sight problem; correction of refractory error of eye is an essential part. Reading/working in eyes with visual problem may cause eye strain and dark colorization around the eyes.
Obesity; obesity increases fatty deposits below the eyes that has to be guarded.
Spectacles; dark and good quality glasses are to be used while working outdoor, particularly under sun.
Skin is the largest organ of body that protects us, has to be protected too.
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