Monday, November 22, 2010

Selective Deafness from Second Hand Smoking

Nicotine may have a direct effect in damaging the hearing apparatus, the cochlea of ear. It may also induce atherosclerosis and spasm of blood vessels in cochlea; that results in lessening the blood supply to the part.

Active smokers were at the risk of loss of hearing to selective frequency. Now, researchers say that passive or second hand smokers are also at the same risk.
Prevalence of hearing loss among the former smokers was 14.0% for low-to-mid frequencies hearing loss and 46.6% for high frequencies; the result for smokers was 8.6% and 26.6%, respectively.
However, additional epidemiological research and animal studies will be needed to validate the second-hand smoke exposure link to hearing loss and to explore the mechanisms that might explain it, they added.
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