Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Drug Approved by Us FDA Rivals Warfarin

Blood clot diagram (Thrombus)

Warfarin is most frequently used as an anticoagulant, blood thinning agent in many patents suffering from heart disease having irregular heart beat. This prevents blood clot formation in the heart that may inadvertently be pumped to the arterial system. That may cause even death among other complications following vascular blockade.
Warfarin a good drug having bad reputation of causing bleeding episodes including bleeding inside the brain and necessitates frequent monitoring of blood parameters for clotting. The dose also may need to be adjusted frequently.
A new drug, dabigatran has been approved by US FDA" almost after a gap of twenty years which is devoid of causing bleeding episodes. It similarly, rather more effective acts as an anticoagulant and has a slightly increased risk of heart attack.
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