Saturday, January 8, 2011

Continue or Discontinue Medications after Balloon Angioplasty

Micrograph of an artery that supplies the hear...Image of Atherosclerosis of Artery 
“I have undergone balloon angioplasty now; I am safe from further heart attack”. It can be a false sense of security.
Angioplasty is a procedure to dilate the narrowed part of artery to heart. The narrowing of heart artery called the coronary artery is due to atherosclerosis. It may be found in several segments of an artery. Dilatation of a segment dies not halt the primary process, atherosclerosis.
One has to follow the advice of physician to check the progression of the disease. He/she may have to;
· Change lifestyle from sedentary to more active one,
· Control Diabetes,
· Control hypertension,
· Control cholesterol,
· Take regular medications.
These measures may help the patient from further heart damage.
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