Thursday, January 6, 2011

Unethical Practice by Doctors and Hospitals

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In India, there is a lot of corruption; we rank somewhere around 87th position in transparency. So some of the doctors and hospitals; I do not blame them in particular as they live in the same society, where corruption is perhaps the way of life.
Still, I am hurt when for a little monetary benefit doctors and hospitals do not remember their ethics. They forget that they are dealing with a human who has come to them in a time of distress; many times borrowing money to get cured of an ailment. In logical way, they can make some money and live happily; though, I regret that I have to live my livelihood from a person in distress. Doctors need patients to get their life going.
But many times; even if doctors argue in their favor and do not agree, go unethical as far as money is concerned. The most painful is a list of unwanted investigations. Yes, where diagnosis can not be precisely made depending on common and cheap methods of investigation one may like to go for higher and costly investigations. Of course, sometimes the patients are also crazy for costly investigations.
There are several examples, but a recent case of a ganglion over the wrist for which he was advised magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) by a doctor, cannot simply be digested. After all what more information be gained from it beyond a very simple needle aspiration; which many times cures also.
This is a bare show of power of doctors to ask for costly investigation, en route to satisfy the hunger for money; that eventually does not have a limit. There is the nexus. Who gets what benefits from where!
The responsibility of health care should have been that of a welfare state, but it is, in most of the times in the hand of private players.
God, if at all present must have closed His eyes before witnessing the plight of humans, if at all created by HIM.
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