Thursday, January 27, 2011

Leprosy is still seen

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One of the causes of non-healing ulcer of foot is leprosy. Though it has decreased to a larger extent, is still seen in many parts of India.
Probably diabetes is the leader among the causes followed by skin cancers and leprosy. In both diabetes and leprosy there is loss of sensation to touch, pressure and pain. That makes it to remain unrecognised for a sufficient length of time. As rightly said pain makes the patient to show up in the hospital.
Perhaps most distinguished feature of ulcer due to leprosy is sensory loss over the distribution of a particular nerve and abnormality of the nerve, as regards to its diameter and feeling of pain to pressure. The skin change color gradually to a frank ulcer. The blood supply to the part is not that much affected in comparison to what is seen in diabetes.
Another thing comes in the way of early diagnosis is shyness and social stigma. Nevertheless, leprosy ulcer heals nicely with treatment in comparison to diabetic foot ulcer.
I think early diagnosis and prompt treatment will not leave any mark of leprosy on a sufferer.
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